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Mini Jerseys give between 2-6 gallons of milk per day. An indication of how much milk your mini Jersey cow will give is to look at her dam and what she produced. Miniature Jersey Cows by the of three years of age and over should not exceed 700 pounds and be under 42 inches tall at the hip to be classified as miniature. The Miniature Jersey is actually not a bred-down version of the standard Jersey of today as you might think, they are the result of long term and selective breeding of descendants of the early, original Jersey cattle that were imported from the Isle of Jersey.

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We have a 39" Mulberry mini Jersey cow available. We are downsizing temporality because we are relocating the farm. Shannon is in great shape, handles are good for hand or machine milking, no kicking. She is halter trained, gentle and her last calf was a bull and she calved without issues, and is a good mom. Raised her calf independently and would make a  great nurse cow as she very gently and willing to let another calf be with her. She would also be good as a family milk cow as she's very friendly towards my children ( they have milked her).

She keeps easily with electric cattle fencing.

She keeps her conditions on pasture and hay without grain.

We are a small closed herd, but I will have her disease tested for the new owners and our vet will issue a Florida health certificate.

I can help find reliable transportation to your address.

A1A1, dehorned

DOB 4/27/201

Northern central Florida


Mini Jersey heifer calf available. She was born on May 9th 2022. 20" at birth and is fawn with paint.

Dam is May is our registered mini Jersey who stands at 42" and is horned and A1. 

The sire is Rowan is 37″ at 3 years of age. A2/A2. Polled. Handsome, straight and docile. 

Additional sire info: Dam: Rocking Robins Lil, A2 Genotyping A2A2,AB/BB Sire to: Rocking Robins Noble Dam: Rocking Robins Mona Lisa Sire: Jewells Little General.  A2A2 37″ at maturity, meaty, low to the ground and docile. Dams BBRs are 100%. (


2 yr. old miniature Jersey cow, confirmed bred by vet ( Have papers), to Rocking Robins Rowan with sexted straws and AI. First calf.

BLV, BVD, TB, Brucellosis, and Johnes tested negative

B1 Milk Status ( From UDavies: "The B variant and BB genotype are associated with increased milk protein and casein content, and better cheese yield".


Polled: Pc/H: (One copy of the Polled-Celtic molecular marker is present. At least 50% of the offspring will be polled.)

Closed herd

Comes into the milking stanchion for AI, treats or whatnot without issues.

Is wearing a halter and will come easy but usually will come by her name.

Lizzie Mae is 100% pasture/grass fed as well. We do not feed or offer grain unless milking for certain mamas in milk. But she simply holds her condition really nice without grain 

She was raised and kept with her dam. Not bottle fed, dam raised. 

Sold: We welcome Augustus! He is thriving and soon will be needing his own pasture and herd and is getting ready for his new home! He will be fully weaned, he's currently being bottle-fed for gentleness by me. A super sweet and tame little bull to start brings in polling, temperament, and size. Almost 4 weeks old. He has never had grain and is holding his weight nicely. Currently, he is on mama's milk and free choice: Bahia hay, pasture, and minerals.  

Sire is a mini Jersey bull and dam Shannon is a super sweet and tame mini Jersey. Great cow for udder attachment, temperament, and size. Currently approx. 2 gallons plus on ODM with calf sharing.

Augustus is super sweet and tame to us all and other livestock/farm animals. He'll likely finish in the under 40" range, judging by his height now, his parents and at birth, I think.

Small closed disease tested herd. He is a1 beta-casein.

Sold: Foundation Pure 100% Miniature Jersey Bull Calf. 10 weeks old. He had colostrum straight from the dam. Dam raised and has 100% of her milk. Sire is a registered polled 40" mini Jersey bull with great genetics (sire is D C Prince J.B Royal T - a Tim O'Donnell Bull) and has paint in his genetics to add some color. Dam is a registered polled 42" mini Jersey.