Uilianna x Plato

Color: ds 22 (red classic tabby)


Father: Temir House Mercury

Mother: SpiritOfMain Ultramarine

Kittens January 2022

Welcome to MAINE KINGDOM, our TICA Registered Cattery, located in North Central Florida, at Jersey Cow Farms, right outside of Gainesville.

We breed Maine Coons with a variety of colors and patterns, including classic Tabby, Reds, Silvers, Blues, Torbies / Torties, all extra large including Polydactyl and Standard.

We have meticulously handpicked our show cat queens and studs from a prominent cattery in Russia and imported them to the USA. This is obviously time consuming and expensive but it's our labor of love!

We have been in love with cats and especially Maine Coons for more than 35 years so breeding healthy, as well as beautiful, Maine Coons is our top priority and our passion.

Our kittens are bred in a healthy home environment within our closed cattery with our own Queens, studs and nursery within our home, and are never caged. They are socialized from birth to when they go home to you and their forever homes.

At Maine Kingdom all of our Maine Coon cats are screened annually for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and are negative for the HCM and SMA genes and PK deficiency.

We are guided by TICA standards and local professional veterinary care. Our Maine Coon kittens are health tested, adorable and very affordable.

As responsible breeders we will provide you with support, advice, and transparency.

Contact us if you are looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale.

Temir House Uilianna

x Temir House Plato

Litter January 2022

We are accepting applications now

Our Maine Coon cats have Championship lines from Russia and are healthy, home raised and vet checked. TICA Registered.

The Dam:

Temir House


Date of birth: 07/24/2020

Color: ds 22 (red classic tabby)

Breeder: Temirkhanova A.

Owner: Maine Kingdom


Father: Temir House Mercury

Mother: SpiritOfMain Ultramarine

EXPECTING January 2022

The Sire:

Temir House Plato

Date of birth: 01/15/2021

Color: White

Breeder: Temirkhanova A.

Owner: Maine Kingdom

​Large ( mature ) 22lbs

Dreamcatcher * KZ Mehpi

Sire of Temir House Plato

Tutsy From Kirbeautycoon

Dam of Temir House Plato

Gilda Khrustal Orchid and Louis Khrustal Orchid

kittens are all reserved

litter November 2021




COLOR : Red Silver blotched Tabby with White

Polydactyl 6666

A real sweetheart of a mother. Patient and attentive to her babies



The Russian cattery that this sire was bred from and is owned by has been breeding Maine Coons since 2005, and is WCF registered.

A few of Gilda's previous kittens


Our cattery, Maine Kingdom at Jersey Cow Farms breeds Maine Coon cats & kittens with a lineage that is DNA tested N/N for HCM, PK Def and SMA.

Maine Kingdom cattery is also negative for Feline Leukemia virus, Flu virus and Aids. Kittens that go home are healthy, free of parasites, vaccinated, socialized and happy. All kittens are registered in TICA and come with a full vet check, and all needed vaccines.

Our Dams and Sires are 100% Pure European and directly imported from Russia.


Kittens are offered for sale at $3,000 when 10-12 weeks of age.

*Maine Kingdom considers all kittens equal so no additional pricing based on sex of kitten or whether a polydactyl or standard.

*To inquire about pricing and additional information in regards to breeding rights, contact here

To reserve your kitten a $500 non-refundable deposit is required, once your application has been approved

Please inquire HERE for more information and availability of these kittens..

All kittens are sold with a contract that requires indoors only, spay/neuter agreement and no declawing.

All kitten vaccines are included in the purchase price, a flea & worm treatment, leukemia/aids test and a well vet check up. All breeding animals are dna tested N/N for SMA, Pkdef and HCM genes. Breeding animals are also echocardiogramed every 2 years for optimal heart health and history.


We do offer help finding reliable and trustworthy transportation for your new kitten if you are unable to personally come pick up your kitten.

Your kitten is available​ as pick up or via hand delivery by a pet courier. Air transportation is also an option. Flight prices may vary depending on your location.

Maine Coons cats are the largest domestic breed of cats worldwide. These incredibly gentle giants are known for their wild look, intelligence and sweet and playful temperaments. Our Maine Coon Dam and Sire cats are from world winning catteries in Russia, and have been imported from Europe’s finest champions. Follow us on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram for the latest in adorable pictures, video and helpful Maine Coon cat information. Check back regularly for upcoming Maine Coon kittens for sale, available from our cattery, Maine Kindom at Jersey Cow Farms in Sunny Trenton, Florida USA