Ava's Muffins

We make your fresh from the farm, homemade, all-natural, and sugar-free muffins as soon as we receive your order so your muffins will be warm, fresh, and ready to enjoy instantly with our curbside pickup♥

Jersey Cow Farms home made and sugar free Muffins $2.50 each/$24 a dozen♥

Flavors: Maple syrup ( A simple Maple muffin), Blueberry, Peanut butter, Cinnamon, Chocolate, 

 ( All natural, no sugar or additives)

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or cash on pickup 

Please note choose your Muffin Flavor at checkout or payment. Please contact us HERE for PayPal, or cash on pickup for your choice of flavor♥


All purpose Flour

,100 % Maple Syrup, Whole Dairy Milk, Farm Fresh Eggs, Salted Butter, Spices, Baking Power/Soda

& Sea Salt

Depending on Flavor: Teddies or Smuckers Peanut Butter (No sugar/all natural), Nestle Toll house Chocolate (No sugar/all natural)and Polaner Jelly (No sugar/all natural)♥

No refined Sugar Added or Used♥


Store pick up, ship to store with same day and curbside pickup options


1)PREORDER the day before for orders of more then one dozen.

2)PREORDER before 12 noon for a dozen for same day pickup

3)PREORDER One hour for all other orders♥

*We do welcome custom orders, please contact HERE for more information on availability, options and pricing.