Choose your Jelly Flavor FILLED Cookies Here:

Jersey Cow Farms home made and sugar free cookies $2.50 each/$24 a dozen♥

Jelly filled & Jelly Flavored: Blueberry, Raspberry, Cherry, and Strawberry.

No sugar/All natural Polaner Jelly♥ 

         Raspberry                                                                      Blueberry                                                                             Cherry                                                                                                   

Choose your Jelly FLAVORED Cookies Here:

        Raspberry                                                                      Blueberry                                                                            Cherry                                 


Store pick up, ship to store with same day and curbside pickup options

Please Prepay Here♥

Ava's Cookies

Jersey Cow Farms own farm fresh, home made, all natural and sugar free cookies*

All purpose Flour-King Arthur Baking Company

100 % Maple Syrup, Whole Dairy Milk, and Polaner Jelly (No sugar/all natural),

Salted Butter, Spices & Sea Salt.


1)PREORDER the day before for orders of more then one dozen.

2)PREORDER before 12 noon for a dozen for same day pickup

3)PREORDER One hour for all other orders♥