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Our miniature Jersey Cows





Our registered Miniature Jersey cows have a primarily grass-fed diet and are allowed to live a life as much as possible a natural life primarily outside. Calves are kept with their mothers and run with the herd in the pastures, reducing stress on both the mom's and their calves and thereby contributing to the harmony of the herd.

Our Russian Main Coon Queens & King

Queen The Best

Date of birth: 08/20/2017

Color: f 22 / black tortie blotched tabby


Father: Temir House Jackpot (e 22)

Mother: Majestoccoon Fernanda

Due fall 2022

Termir House Uilianna

Date of birth: 07/24/2020

Color: ds 22 (red classic tabby)


Father: Temir House Mercury

Mother: SpiritOfMain Ultramarine

Due fall 2022

Termir House Catherine

Date of birth:


Color: Solid Blue


Father: Disney Life Maya

Color: a 09

Mother: Dagassa Frisky Paws

Color: a

Due Summer 2022

Krustal Orchid Gilda

Date of birth: 02/15/2019.

Color: Red Silver (Polydactyl)

​HCM, PKD, SMA - N / N

Father: Absent Bosco PP

Mother: Solar Lyusya

Due Summer 2022

Our kittens are bred in a healthy home environment within our closed TICA and CFA registered cattery with our own Queens, king and nursery within our home, and are never caged. They are socialized from birth to when they go home to you and their forever homes.

Temir House Plato

Date of birth: 01/15/2021

Color: White

Breeder: Temirkhanova A.

Owner: Maine Kingdom

​Large 22lbs plus

Sire: Dreamcatcher*KZ Mehpi

Dam: Tutsy From Kirbeautycoon

HCM, PKD, PK def, SMA- N/N -

We have been in love with cats and especially Maine Coons for more than 35 years so breeding healthy, as well as beautiful, Maine Coons is our top priority and our passion.

Louis Krustal Orchid

Date of birth: 00/00/2015

Color: Red Marble MCOD22

Breeder: Krustal Orchid

Owner: Maine Kingdom

​Large 25lbs plus



HCM, PKD, PK def, SMA - N/N

Our Karakachan Parents

Livestock guardian dogs

We have fallen in love with Karakachans and value their enormous and boundless loyalty and protection for our herd of Miniature Jersey cows and their calves and family including our poultry and children.

We have meticulously handpicked our parent Karakachans from well known and respected breeders in the USA. This is obviously time consuming and expensive but it's our labor of love!

Breeding large, healthy, as well as well balanced and experienced livestock guardians dogs for your livestock, family and pets is our top priority and our passion.

We breed Karakachans with a variety of colors and patterns, including black and white, brindle, and blonde. Large boned puppies with either Long tails or bob tails.

For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are mine. Psalm 50:10-11